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  G. Edward (Ted) Anderson, Ph.D., Principal LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 310.260.4858 VCard
  Amy M. Aukstikalnis, Ph.D., Principal LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 310.260.4876 VCard
  Hyowook Chiang, Ph.D. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 310.260.4859 VCard
  Donald R. Deere, Ph.D. BRYAN, TEXAS 979.691.0704 VCard
  Valentín Estévez, Ph.D. BRYAN, TEXAS and WASHINGTON, D.C. 979.691.0747 VCard
  Dawn M. Kovner, M.P.P. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 310.899.2683 VCard
  Catherine G. Massey, Ph.D. BRYAN, TEXAS 979.268.7207 VCard
  Joshua W. Mitchell, Ph.D. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 310.899.2694 VCard
  Douglas H. Owens WASHINGTON, D.C. 202.435.0203 VCard
  James E. Pearce, Ph.D. WASHINGTON, D.C. 202.435.0222 VCard
  Saumya Rana, Ph.D. WASHINGTON, D.C. 202.435.0204 VCard
  Jora B. Stixrud, Ph.D. WASHINGTON, D.C. 202.435.0205 VCard
  Michael P. Ward, Ph.D., Principal LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 310.260.4855 VCard
  Finis R. Welch, Ph.D., Principal BRYAN, TEXAS 979.268.7200 VCard