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Dawn M. Kovner, M.P.P.

Dawn Kovner is an Economist who specializes on economic damages calculations in cases involving allegations of wrongful termination, wrongful death and medical malpractice. In addition to calculating the value of lost earnings, benefits and household services, she frequently performs and directs supporting research and analysis, including national and local employment market analysis, evaluation of mitigation efforts, valuation of executive compensation and business profit projections.

Since joining Welch Consulting, Ms. Kovner has consulted on more than 1,000 damage cases, working with attorneys to provide litigation support, statistical and job market research, preparation of exhibits for arbitration and trials, review and rebuttal to economic loss reports by opposing expert witnesses.


Expert Witness, Economic Damages and Job Availability:  Testified at deposition and trial about the economic losses of a retail store manager, and the job opportunities available in the Los Angeles area to mitigate the losses claimed by the Plaintiff.

Expert Witness, Job Availability and Mitigation: Testified at arbitration regarding job market opportunities for radiology and ultrasound technologists in the Los Angeles area, and evaluated the Plaintiff’s job search activities and the impact a limited job search had on the duration of her unemployment.

Expert Witness, Economic Damages Calculations:  Testified in deposition regarding the economic losses for four corrections officers who claimed denial of promotion and loss of associated benefits.

Consultant at Arbitration, Providing Calculations and Exhibits on Economic Losses in a Single Plaintiff Case: Calculated the lost commissions claimed by a financial securities manager who received splits from sales generated by financial associates. Prepared the graphics, tables and summaries that were presented at arbitration.

Consultant, Wage and Hour Class Action: Managed the coding and analysis of deposition transcripts of 186 insurance adjusters to evaluate unpaid overtime, missed and short meal and rest breaks. Using the sample results, calculated estimated economic damages for 1,024 class members in a matter that went to trial. Trial outcome favored our analysis and damage estimates over the Plaintiff’s expert’s estimates.

Principal Researcher, Labor Market Study: Conducted a labor market salary survey to support compensation negotiations of a labor union representing public attorneys and administrative law judges. Was retained a second time to conduct a follow-up study and assist in collective bargaining mediation. Presented findings to the collective bargaining negotiating committee.

Calculated Lost Earnings, Benefits and Household Contributions Due to Alleged Medical Malpractice: Calculated a family’s loss of financial support and household contributions after a job-related accident caused the death of a construction worker who was also a husband and father.